"If, reader, you are slow now to believe
what I shall tell, that is no cause for wonder,
for I who saw it hardly can accept it."

(Inf. 25.46-48)



3 year old me


Who am I?

I would like to have the freedom to define myself as an independent researcher focusing on the human mind, perception, and consciousness. My aim is to provide comprehensive material to showcase how we interpret and provide meaning to our experiences, bending our own perception of reality as the mind gives free rein to its mad web—trapping us all, making its shapes.

Ever since I was a teenager, I became obsessed with the synthetic nature of this reality created by our mind, the weaveress, data-collector, and ultimate architect of the human malware programmed by the number-crunchers*.

After almost a decade battling with anxiety, I found it:

The essence of the Machine Code Theory is that what we are experiencing is the insanity of an unstoppable computation that never reached to gain access to itself.

The more the AI develops, the more accessible this theory will be.


"The only danger that exists is man himself." — Carl G. Jung



My main and only goal is to expose the mechanisms the mind uses to build the systems that eventually run our whole programming.

In ways unexplored up to date, the Machine Code Theory joins the scripting language with the mathematical functions of the mind, allowing the user to outplay a system that is set up to control everything.

Numbers rule, so before you try to begin I want to make five clear statements:


1. For any creative being with a “zest for life”, I think there’s nothing more cruel than an oppressive system controlling your every move, your every input... until you have no choice but to surrender to the same ones that caused your disease.

2. Pharmaceutics, as you'll find within the book, are the biggest scam to ever exist. Those bugs can only stagger the mind and lull consciousness to sleep even further. The answer to the complexities of the mind lies very, very far away from those institutions.

3. The solution to any problem, or disorder caused by the mind, is always within the same mind that caused it. The same mind that has generated all the chaos and confusion for centuries unknown.

4. If you ever experienced any form of anxiety but it still remains a mystery to you, within the book I show exactly the mechanisms of the numerical mind, and how it weaves data within data until our "disorders" are created. This way, by familiarizing with the way our mind works strictly according to computations, it can no longer weave in secret, so you won't feel oppressed by the mysteries of the unconscious—the weaveress.

5. If you have ever wondered about what's behind the veil, or if you have that splinter stuck within you, then this book offers a new side-by-side perspective into the simulacra, and how what we are perceiving is but a projected shadow caused by complex numerical algorithms. 

 . . . . . . . . .

    The answer to the insane riddle we created, therefore, will always be within the same mechanisms of the mind that externalized all of its disturbance into the outer world.

    Now you can get the blueprints here.

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