Franz Stassen's Der Ring Des Nibelungen (Das Rheingold)

The methods exposed within the second part of the book (Butterfly In The Net) combine psychology, neurocognitive behavior, and computation to expose the mechanisms of the simulation vortex, or what most people call anxiety.

Everything would be much easier if we were aware of how our mind reacts to potentially corrupting data, and how that can manipulate us into an endless mirror-maze hell. If one is aware of how the mind works, then it can no longer control your every move in secret, because you know exactly why, how, and when those signals and triggers are going to happen. Therefore, you learn to disassociate from it, instead of fueling its gear that propelled the state you are in.

Plenty of evil institutions are now labeling and branding anxiety with "OCD". What happens if we do this? We are revolving the intended solutions around the same problem. This is what the vortex usually does. It goes round and round, until it spins so fast that nothing can act outside of itself anymore. The access to the real problem, the corrupting kernel, is lost.

Of course, the reason behind this ignorance and blindness is economically driven by the same institutions that monopolize access to a better health.

Due to the fact that we are living inside a computational model, a purely mathematical and numerical simulacra, the codes of the informational matrix are stored in a very specific calculus: the scripting language.

Our Mind-CPU works exactly like a computer. When we expose the programming language that is being used to store, execute, and structure data, we are able to use this program to our advantage and not (like it's constantly happening) the other way around. 

Anxiety, depression, restlessness... They are a byproduct of the vortex at which this simulacrum functions, where data is rewritten like whorls flowing down the same axis to keep multiplying the same functions according to infinite mathematical operations.

Sadly, people still don't understand the difference between the computer mind and the core essence of our beings.

Since people confused the flesh with the spirit, or because they don't have the slightest grasp of what the spirit is (and how it exists beyond the mechanisms of the mind) they fall to an unconscious process that the mind itself created.

Once again, I am obliged to emphasize that the governmental structures hidden behind pharmaceutics, medical practices (psychology, psychiatry...), and so on, willingly promote the focus on treating the flesh to heal the flesh.

It's the blind leading the blind. The problems of the mind are impossible to be found on the same mechanisms that collectively pushed it to the Chaos we are in now. 

As we know now, the key to untangle the dangers of the mind are within the mind itself. The access to the mind, however, is granted from a higher power outside of it: our spirit. The same spirit that children possess before absorbing every single fear, shadow, and darkness that this whole frenetic, reckless, and deadly gear implanted into their core.

As I wrote within クモの網:

"The purity of a child is the machine's biggest nightmare."

The cattle of the system keeps obeying and contorting their bodies to a mechanism that stretches the root of every single opposition to the light that has always existed here, in what we call Earth—the place between Heaven and Hell. 

Ultimately, it's what you choose to do that will guide you in either direction.

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