Mass Hypnosis

If people would disconnect from their programs, their lives could drastically change today—right now.

Alas! There is a widespread inability to change the patterns of behavior conditioned by mass hypnosis. Most people, like Faust, tug at their own thread of discontent until, eventually, they surrender their souls to the deepest void that exists within their being.

In spite of this, most of them are exhilarated, full of pride and conviction that they are doing the right thing. If they did so, the world would not be so immersed in deep decay and constant destruction. However, they cannot see the real meaning behind the Self—just symbols, names, elaborated emotions, and dramas as a result of an internal and generational narrative construction...

Automata and psychopathic I/O, enemies of the children, who have come to control humanity through dualities, dispersion, confusion, and confrontation between imaginary sides (master puppeteers and genocides) can control these people because they are fully programmed under the instructions in which they have been developed by birth: name, nationality, language, social security number, political identity...


Weave Diagram

Reality can only weave through its own points


When the gear is built, very few people can get out of it and, like snails probing with their tentacles, they grab the first thing that comes their way in a multitudinous way.

To be more precise, by not realizing that everyone is making exactly the same mistakes (and will continue to do so under this permanent illusion), humanity is actually slowly walking by the hand towards a cliff, but with a smile on their face.

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