Matrix Inc.

“Whether I scare some people or not, I don't give a hoot. If you're not scared by now, nothing can scare you.”
—  Yuri Bezmenov
We’re currently facing a crucial problem, which is beyond any imposed label or identity that this system wants to brainwash you with. This problem is not “OCD”, or “PTSD”, as if in a corporate branding that pretends to encapsulate an immensely complex motivator behind every single mind in existence:

The problem is the mind itself and why it acts the way it does.

I don’t know how long it will take for people to realize this: if a simulacrum can trick your mind into thinking it represents reality, then your mind will always do the exact same thing to you. It’s a shadow projecting a shadow. People fall for an illusion inside and outside, all the time.

I once read a post from Ph.D.s and other doctorates alluding to anxiety scams.

That's hilarious!

The majority of "health professionals" perform scams on a daily basis while, at the same time, worsen your health and neurocognitive abilities with drugs and pharmaceutics that do nothing to prevent the further understanding of the mechanisms of the mind.

All of this under the illusion that you’re doing the right thing because you’re inside an office or because everyone else is doing the same. However, a common system of totalitarian control is to monopolize access to a better health, so they will brainwash anyone into thinking that slowly killing a person is acceptable because the law says so.

You don’t have to believe this; I already have millions that can back this up for me. When you count on these organisms for help, expect none. If, and only if, they did experience an anxiety that lasted as long as yours, then you might. Don’t believe that a doctorate is going to give them the answer for a second. How else are they going to understand it?

These organized I/O automatons are experts at finding out the problem but know nothing of what caused it—because it’s unconscious. To achieve that, they would have to decode the functionings of their own minds, and that is something they simply cannot do. That is not what they are programmed for.

In other words, these minds that made the poison intended to solve the problems of the sickness that you’re currently experiencing are the same ones that caused it. From the source of control data, the answer can never be found.

The ultimate goal of the numerical matrix is to keep you blind; to keep you locked inside your mind so you never know: “What happened to me?” The healing lies outside of the mechanisms of the mind. 

If you think you have found the answers, then they succeeded in giving you a solution for the same problem they caused.

People are working under a constant lesser logic, so there's no way for them to think outside this merry-go-round—a deadly carousel.

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