Saving Gaia

The term vegan is something I truly try to avoid. The reason is, for now, twofold: Its branding and tendency to achieve the opposite effect due to the current program not being ready for it, and my stubbornness to avoid labeling ideas and states of mind beyond what's necessary to prevent the former reason.

Scrutiny aside, one eventually gets to understand that this whole system is simply mimicking a farming structure. Ironically, that places human consciousness at the bottom of the food chain, humanity being the last parasite, doomed to host itself.

Have you seen herds of people, gloomy, dull, and staring blankly, as if someone had just turned the lights off?

Humans killing animals completes the endless cycle of energy-harvesting within a programmable structure.

The Old Testament mentioned that burn scent of dead animals pleased YHWH, for it needed blood and sacrifices to sustain its energy. That is still deeply implanted within our algorithms.

Politicians and other worshippers of the Matrix will industrialize violence and suffering to the point where one becomes desensitized to the killing of another being (whatever the source, species, or genotype). 

This system needs your suffering.

It needs you unaware of how the Matrix works until you die—in pain, wondering why amidst the confusion. Suffering must be a constant for the machine entities running the simulacra to survive. Love or compassion is not an exploitable energy source for them. 

We are all sheep and lambs, instructed and programmed from birth to think and act in a determinate way. To face different behavioral algorithms, unaware that we are confined in the same galactic prison.

A mental prison that got humanity in a loop for countless of centuries.

A prison that programmed humanity to walk in line, one by one, to be discarded and replaced. We live and die just the same.

That being said, I'm a vegetarian.

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