Pyschokinesis (Easter Egg) | Machine Code Theory


(Easter Egg!)

Today I dreamt I was in a room, an attic. I have windows to my left. I'm sitting on the corner... I see a white door on the right. There were white curtains—knitted—those old ones that look like a woven cloth.

I have a round table in front of me, and hanging above a lamp similar to the one I have in my living room (*I guess that’s how the mind resources to the creation or reference of visible light or it is forced to.)

First, it was supposed to be scary because at one time there were the ghosts of two twin brothers, aged around 5, sitting below the ceiling (as it goes up the window.)

There was the voice of someone saying: "Don’t leave me here, I’m being victim of a supernatural attack." ("Por favor no me dejéis aquí. Estoy siendo víctima de un ataque paranormal.")

But then I didn’t feel scared, I looked at the boys straight in the eyes and they did not feel scary to me. In fact, I opened up my arms and I asked for the energy of the room to help me levitate.

I felt a heavy air around me and the whole room was shaking slightly. The lamp was dangling and changing angles, but I didn’t levitate. Later on, I was transforming that energy into the ability to manipulate the space around me.

One could become an extension of such space and feel it as if it was the body itself. So as if I felt an intense tingling within an imaginary arm, formed by the vibrational field outside of the physical one, I would gather enough energy to alter the materialization of the space around me.

I could first push the lamp slightly, since it felt heavy to my senses. But then, I was somewhere in a boat, a platform, and there were some rails with heavy things hanging from a hook. I remember I recorded myself doing what I was doing because I just couldn’t believe it was real.

Then, the boat changed angle slightly, and those canoes or extremely heavy things hanging from the hooks came down towards me. Even if I was pulling it, the gravity was directed towards my physical field.

Then, even with the unfavorable angle, I painfully pushed the object up to where it came from. I say "painfully" because the gathering of such energy would hurt my forearm and arms to the point of feeling a tightening hold all the way up to my head. So it came at a price but I did it several times.

Some other times I pulled, making the object static, when the other ones in the other rails moved with the motion of the boat. Some other times I pushed to the opposite direction, when the other objects were coming towards me.

At the end, I was exhausted. I stopped the recording. The deck was green. I was in an upper superstructure on the middle of the boat.

When I woke up, I had a terrible headache. In fact, as I type, the headache hurts still. This headache, however, comes exclusively from the back of my head.