The Author

"Hello, World!"

Exhibiting how the scripting language manifests within the human program...

I developed a whole new model that seamlessly explains the illusory of the world around us, conceptualized as the Machine Codes.

While I exposed the number crunchers* running this simulation, gathering data that applied this mechanism to meticulously dissect anxiety (and other awareness-related disorders) was a necessity in order to show its interconnectedness.

In my first book, I focused on providing the blueprints that would allow anxious players to let go and realize the program was taking control and that, no doubt, such a program exists and we are blinded by it.

I explained exactly why there are NPCs among higher states of awareness and how they manifest within our conscious field.

Enter the world of "Igor, the mad scientist, Alice in Wonderland..."

Alex Sanfiz

Author behind クモの網 & MCT



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