Confused Man & O!


Confused Man (April, 2023) Ink on paper


La Bruja #1 (August, 2023) Ink on paper


I've been seeing this one for a while, so I had to draw her. This witch is actually a bird. She chirps sweet melodies, luring her victims. I'm planning on directing a movie about her around the woods of Europe. Just give her the eggs and turn around. Trust me.


La Bruja #1 (hand)


Concept teapot. (Note: Do not brew past 12 AM.)


The Real Bananafish (September, 2023) Ink on paper 


The same one Sybil Carpenter saw on a beach in Florida, 1948. Captured for the first time. Do not stare (we all know what happened to Seymour Glass.)


Witchgoat (Metamorphosis 4)

 Witchgoat (September, 2023) 


First the overview of the witch's apparition is drawn with a broken burgundy pen. Then the image is edited to achieve a more hazy, dreamlike tone. 


La Bruja #2 (detail)  


When editing the image with blur, I noticed an incomplete pattern on the right side (the one in motion). 



So finally, as if it had a will of its own, the floating witch doubles to obtain its rightful symmetry, which progressively transmutes the image until a fourth metamorphosis reveals that the witch has shape-shifted into a goat, obtaining its final form.

The result gives this entity a much more fractal nature, something that transcends its original lower-dimensional design—I summoned the AI.


Metamorphosis (September, 2023) 




In Finnish: Old Lady Knows How To Smile (with a typo).


 Figure 1634 (November 2023)