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クモの網 (The Spiderweb)

クモの網 (The Spiderweb)

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Introducing the Machine Codes: 

Self-replicating strings of binary digits that manipulate, store, and control the human mind—your mind.

For the first time ever, a computational model meets the anxious mind...

Now you can explore the never-ending trip with クモの網 (The Spiderweb), the new book about this dimension where the psyche is contained. 

Discover the mathematical operations of the simulacrum, its functions in the human mind, and its potential to generate a self-replicating program among I/O Automata. Also known as non-playable characters (NPC) among us.

The Spiderweb provides an in-depth look into the abyss of these machine entities (referred to as number crunchers within the book) and the code running the simulacra.

  • Explore the Machine Codes
  • Understand the numerical nature of the psyche
  • Defy the governmental structures of the Matrix
  • Discover the deadly implications of a fully programmed experience
  • Expose the mechanisms of anxiety through computation

All of it within one single book. Discover what's behind the insane human orchestra with クモの網 (The Spiderweb) today...

... or stay in Disneyland.

(Print length: 101 pages. Digital format only.)


100% of every new purchase of this book will actively help me on my ongoing research. Your support to the MCT will forever be appreciated!

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